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DTY Bedding® Organic 100% Eucalyptus Tencel® Lyocell Sheet Set

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Rejuvenate your mind and body with a great night’s sleep!


These sumptuous and premium Tencel sheets are sure to keep you sleeping peacefully with their natural temperature and moisture management properties. Our best Tencel sheets are 50% more absorbent than cotton. As a result, they keep you cool and dry, which prevents bacterial growth from moisture and help you sleep even on the hottest of nights. The super soft and silky feel will make you think you are sleeping on a cloud. This four-piece bed sheet set contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. These luxuriously soft sheets are made from 100% Tencel Lyocell, which is derived from the eucalyptus tree.  The smoothness of the eucalyptus fiber makes our sheets non-irritable to your skin.  They have a thread count of 800 thread count for high quality. They are also environmentally friendly. Growing eucalyptus for Tencel has a very low environmental impact.  It uses much less water than cotton and is grown without pesticides. Tencel is fabricated organically using only non-toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process. We have built our business around serving our customers. Bringing the best “direct to you,” as our motto says, we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We take pride in our product's superior quality and craftsmanship. That is why, if for any reason you are at all unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact our customer satisfaction department at CS@DTYStore.com and we will do our best to make sure that you are taken care of. It isn’t just about one product for us – it is about a lifetime and lifestyle of better, responsible products with you, the customer, as our number one priority. For us, there is just no other way to do business. 


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  • OPULENT – With bedding products rich and superior in quality, we help you to sleep like royalty. This four-piece sheet set is made from Tencel, which is both strong and durable, while still being very lightweight. It's even softer than silk. Float away into sleep on these luxuriant sheets and pillowcases. We give you the best material at the best price. This bedding is designed with a double fold.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT – There are few things can be as uncomfortable for a good night’s rest than damp sheets. Whether from sweat or spilled water, it can ruin your night. Our customers’ comfort is everything to us. To help ensure your comfort, our four-piece Tencel bed sheets set is 50% more absorbent than cotton sheets. This will keep you cool and dry, all night long. Sweet dreams!
  • SOFT AND GENTLE – Bed sheets were meant to be soft and gentle, a value to which we stay true. This four-piece sheet set is made of the finest Tencel, a superior material that is non-irritating to your skin and has a super soft, silky feel to it. This top-of-the-line product has an 800 thread count and is among the highest quality out of all the bedding you will find.  
  • ORGANIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY – We believe in maintaining the lowest environmental impact possible. This world is much too beautiful to mistreat. Our sheet set is made from 100% premium Tencel Lyocell, derived from eucalyptus trees that are grown with eco-friendly practices in mind. They use much less water than cotton plants and are completely organic without the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals.


Our Premium Sheets Fit Mattresses up to 18" Deep


Standard Pillowcases: 32" wide x 20" high 

Flat Sheet: 96" wide x 105" long 

Fitted Sheet: 60" wide x 80" long x 16" high 


King Pillowcases: 40" wide x 20" high 

Flat Sheet: 108" wide x 105" long 

Fitted Sheet: 78" wide x 80" long X 16" high 

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Our customers' satisfaction means everything to us. Both our products and our customer service are Direct to You. Here at DTYStore.com, we take pride in our product’s superior quality and craftsmanship. If for any reason you are at all unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact our customer satisfaction department at CS@DTYStore.com.

DTY Bedding® Organic 100% Eucalyptus Tencel® Lyocell Sheet Set Reviews

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Posted by Katy on Jun 20th 2018

I am impressed! I've been looking at bedding for a while now and have bought several new sheet sets while on the hunt for the perfect one. I finally decided that I wanted to try eucalyptus sheets and selected these after comparing the costs of a few brands. I am impressed. I was worried that the lower price point was going to leave me with another disappointing set of sheets but I was so wrong! These are freaking soft and so light weight!
Washed once so far per directions and next time will dry on a lower temp. I pulled these out several minutes before the dryer was set to go off and am glad I did. They dry VERY quickly.

Bamboo sheets

Posted by Sara on Feb 8th 2018

These were a gift. My kids say they are very soft. 

Comfy sheets

Posted by Richard on Feb 8th 2018

Perfect! Very comfy sheets!

Tencel sheets

Posted by Jeannie on Feb 8th 2018

Love these sheets, they are sooo soft and they move like melted butter!!! Would buy again!

Eucalyptus sheets

Posted by Virginia on Feb 8th 2018

There is no better luxurious sheets on the market than the ones made from eucalyptus material. I discovered this material in 2005 and have never returned to cotton. They are soft and wash well. I strongly recommend.


Posted by Jacki on Feb 8th 2018

These sheets are AMAZING. Soft and light but they still feel durable.

Tencil Sheets Set

Posted by JoAnne on Feb 1st 2018

I haven't used these sheets yet but washed them and let them mostly air dry. They are so soft, and I can't wait to use them!!

Nice Tencel Sheets and Fast Shipping

Posted by Gina Pham on Nov 24th 2017

Super fast shipping! I am very happy with the shipping and services I have received from this seller.

Amazing Sheets

Posted by Jenielle Jensen on Nov 24th 2017

these sheets are absolutely incredible!!! I am BEYOND picky about how soft the sheets i purchase are, but based off of the reviews these sheets had I took a chance and ordered and couldnt be happier I did! Im now going to purchase more for christmas for my parents and in-laws!!!! they are a must have!!!!!

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