Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Counter Stools for Your Kitchen Island

When you are considering some factors for your kitchen counter stools, especially comfort and height, it can be quite challenging to find the right counter stool for your kitchen. Whether you are looking for help in finding the right stools for your breakfast bar, kitchen island, kitchen counter, or even your in-house pub, here is our quick guide to help you.

Consider the Style of the Stool

Are you looking to match the layer materials in your kitchen or making more reserved seating or making a design statement? Or will the type of stools you are looking at work in the space you have? When you’re able to answer some of these questions, you can then determine the height and style of the stool that will correctly work in your kitchen.

You can go for backless seating that you can tuck under and away quickly if you don’t want a tall profile that can overwhelm your island or your stools are in a narrow or busy corridor. However, your choice of a broad-backed stool with deep seating will be a perfect one if you want something more lounge-worthy and also love to entertain.

Consider the Number of Stools You Can Fit

You must consider sitting without bumping elbows by providing enough space between stools for people to drink, eat, and socialize. This case is indeed particular for a kitchen, which is typically the center hub of a kitchen. The conventions you can follow are:

It’s useful to add a little more space between stools if you choose stools that have arms and swivel.

Give room for about 24” to 25” of space per stool if you have 19” to 24” for the widest part of your stool.

Allow 21” to 22” of space per stool if you have only 16” to 18” for the broadest part of your stool.

You may also want to consider a low-maintenance material like metal, wood, or leather if you are planning on using a stool where you serve your food. Also, choose cushions you can swap out or a microfiber that you can wipe clean with ease when you are choosing upholstered stools.

You can easily find a counter stool that complements your look, whether the style of your kitchen is contemporary, rustic, or traditional. You don’t want to go to an unnecessary extent of being too extraordinary. You don’t need to match the style of seating if your dining room is adjacent to your kitchen. Also, you can mix up wood with metal stools if you already have a lot of wood. Ultimately, you will undoubtedly find the right look for your kitchen.

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